Valor COO Hanna Howard Completes D CEO Leadership Program 

Hanna Howard, Valor COO, Graduates D CEO Program 

Valor is pleased to announce that company COO Hanna Howard recently completed her D CEOEmerging Women Leadership Network (EWLN)” professional development program. Howard was one of 56 female executives across North Texas who were nominated and selected to participate in the inaugural 2023-2024 class of peer-to-peer networking professionals. Designed as a hybrid professional development program, Howard attended 10+ virtual and in-person events featuring exclusive programming created by a network of female mentors and coaches who represent some of the highest-profile organizations in North Texas. Below, Hanna talks about the motivating factors that led her to seek this program. 

When I underwent a career change about two years ago, I realized that my professional network lacked connections with women business professionals. Recognizing this gap, I made a conscious decision to change it. Shortly after joining Valor, where there was an existing connection with D CEO through various award programs, my CEO encouraged me to apply to EWLN.  

Upon reviewing the program, it became evident that EWLN was precisely the platform I needed to develop my network of professional businesswomen. My driving intent behind joining was to fill this void in my network, and the leadership development curriculum served as the perfect cherry on top.

As for meeting or exceeding expectations, it took just the first night of being in the room with all the other participants to confirm that I was exactly where I needed to be. The energy in the room was not just tangible; it was inspiring. EWLN has far surpassed my expectations, providing an environment where I can genuinely grow as a female business professional.”

Connect. Grow. Lead. 

Under the tagline of “Connect, Grow, Lead,” each of the 2023-2024 program participants had the opportunity to attend personal and professional growth sessions that included a Predictive Index behavioral assessment and analysis, one-on-one coaching with D Magazine Partners executives, in-person networking events and panel discussions, interactive workshops featuring experienced guest speakers, and the opportunity to “pair” with a high-profile female executive for mentorship 

With programming split among four distinct workshop categories, including Personal Development, Career Growth, Mental Health and Wellness, and Financial Future, Hanna talks about how the EWLN Program helped her grow professionally: 

“EWLN has been a gateway to a community of inspiring women. Understanding the power of inspiration as a driving force for my best work, the collective energy from participants, guest speakers, and the D CEO staff has been a constant source of motivation. 

The program has not only affirmed my previous leadership experiences but also reminded me of key principles that are universally applicable. Leadership, as I’ve learned, transcends settings, positions, and professions. This broader perspective has been invaluable in my professional growth. 

Beyond just boosting my confidence in my new career, the program has been a catalyst for personal growth. It’s a reminder to never become complacent and emphasizes that there are always areas to grow, often requiring introspective work.” 

Reinforcing a Substantial Corporate Transition 

On a local level, Hanna Howard’s prior career as a successful collegiate basketball player and coach has been well documented. Transitioning to a career in the private sector was a big decision and has played an integral part in reinforcing her leadership style. Participating in the EWLN Program helped her feel more established than ever that it was the right decision. 

“Having spent 15 years in my previous career focused on studying, practicing, and teaching leadership concepts, transitioning to a new industry was a substantial change. EWLN has played a crucial role in fast-tracking my confidence, showcasing that my leadership skills and strengths are transferable and equally impactful in the business world

The power of community within the program has also contributed significantly to feeling established in my new career. The relationships, stories, and shared experiences from the community of participants and contributors have provided both clarity and reassurance in navigating my role at Valor.” 

Final Thoughts from Hanna Howard 

Hanna Howard shared her final thoughts on being selected for the inaugural class of the D CEO Emerging Women’s Leadership Network and how she feels having completed the rigorous program: 

“Without a doubt, I wholeheartedly recommend EWLN to a broad cross-section of professional women. The program is structured to meet participants where they are in their professional leadership journey and development. Whether someone is being introduced to concepts, tools, or strategies for the first time or is reevaluating their development and perspective, there is valuable insight and growth to be gained for everyone.” 

For more information on Hanna and the program, visit Hanna Howard’s D CEO EWLN Profile.

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