Valor Adds Peter Milley and Ben Larrabee to Business Development Team.

Valor Adds Peter Milley and Ben Larrabee to BD Team

Technology-based hires will direct client acquisition strategies for the company

FORT WORTH, TX (Dec. 5, 2022) Valor, an asset management company specializing in mineral rights and accounting-based software solutions, has added Peter Milley and Ben Larrabee to the staff, where they will work together in supporting the company’s business development efforts. Both Milley and Larrabee will primarily focus on showcasing the value of the company’s services and proprietary® software platform, designed to serve the needs of the organization’s mineral management clients.  

“We’re looking forward to working with ambitious, innovative thinkers like Peter Milley and Ben Larrabee,” stated Joseph DeWoody, CEO of Valor. “The relentless pursuit of innovation is one of Valor’s four core values, making them both a great fit for our organization. They’ll both be instrumental in promoting the value proposition of Valor’s business solutions, tailored to meet the needs of our asset holders at the individual and institutional-level.” 

Both Milley and Larrabee have extensive experience in the mineral management and software-as-a-solution (SaaS) industries. Prior to joining the Valor team, the duo was responsible for developing OfferScout, a mobile app-based platform that aggregates and organizes data for mineral rights owners, allowing them to access multiple offers for comparison against competitive bids and evolving market conditions. Now working in-house at Valor, Milley and Larrabee will draw upon their previous oil and gas industry experience to focus on new business development and client acquisitions designed to build up and strengthen the organization’s mineral management services.

Prior to joining Valor, Peter Milley was a partner at Potomac Royalty Partners, worked as a Landman for Stronghold Resource Partners, and served as an energy credit analyst for Independent Bank Group. He graduated from Georgetown University with a B.S. in Management and Marketing, and earned his MBA from TCU. Ben Larrabee worked with Milley at Potomac and Stronghold Resource Partners, and also served as a Landman for Cazadores Royalty Partners. He graduated from the University of Mississippi with a B.A. in Managerial Finance. Both Milley and Larrabee’s official titles at Valor will be director of business development.

“I’m excited to join the Valor team and focus on building up the organization’s client base,” said Peter Milley. “There’s still an untapped market of asset holders at both the individual and institutional level who stand to benefit from Valor’s expertise, business solutions, and guidance.” Larrabee echoes the same sentiments, stating, “Valor has made great strides in helping mineral rights owners get the most out of their land and holdings. The company is truly revolutionizing the way we optimize asset value in the oil and gas industry, which makes for a convincing case to utilize Valor’s business solutions and service lines.”

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