Valor’s Mineral Management Service Fee Model

Valor announces its atypical fee model in the mineral management sector.

FORT WORTH, Texas, Aug. 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Valor Mineral Management (“Valor”) an oil and gas mineral and royalty management and advisory firm based in Fort Worth and Midland, Texas, announces its new service fee structure. 

Valor is offering its clients a service fee model that provides mineral and royalty owners transparency in pricing for its comprehensive services, disrupting a decades-long percentage fee practice used by other mineral management providers. 

“Much like law or accounting firms, Valor will be charging clients an hourly rate depending upon the type of service they use,” says Clifton DuBose.  “Mineral management fees and the types of services received can become a mystery when it’s a percentage of the gross revenue of an owner’s assets.  Valor’s clients will have a clear-cut understanding of what they’re paying for.”

Through efficient management practices and transparent billing, Valor’s comprehensive mineral management service provides clients with security, clarity and optimization of their oil and gas mineral and royalty assets.

About Valor:
Valor is a comprehensive professional services provider that uses technology and innovation to ease the burdens of asset management in the oil and gas industry. We place the client first, providing flexible solutions and leveraging our team of experts to maintain the security, clarity and optimization of privately owned assets. Valor manages just over eight million gross mineral acres across 32 states‌, which generate over $150 million in annual revenue for its clients. Valor’s professional services scope also extends beyond the energy sector with Valor Ignite™ – an on-demand outsourcing solution for accounting, business process outsourcing, contract C-suite engagements and back-office support. Explore the benefits of partnering with Valor to manage mineral rights and streamline business operations by visiting

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