Aaron Calhoun joins Valor as Land and Mineral Manager

Valor adds Aaron Calhoun to Land Team

Highly experienced land manager will focus on property ownership and asset management

FORT WORTH, TX (May 24, 2023) Valor, a Fort Worth-based specialty asset management company with expertise in providing mineral management solutions and oil and gas operator outsourcing, has hired Aaron Calhoun, a veteran land and mineral manager who will work in the company’s Land Department. In his new role, Calhoun will provide advisory services and land management solutions on behalf of Valor’s individual and institutional clients, ensuring that all property and associated assets are properly optimized for maximum benefit.  

“We’re very pleased to welcome Aaron Calhoun to the team,” said Joseph DeWoody, CEO of Valor. “Aaron brings more than a decade of experience in land management, the majority of which was spent in West Texas. As we continue to add new individual and institutional landowning clients in this mineral-rich region, Valor is committed to meeting the needs in this increasingly important base of operations.” 

A native Texan who hails from Abilene, Aaron Calhoun maintains strong ties in the West Texas region and understands the unique concerns of proper land and asset management. His direct in-category experience includes more than a decade of land management, working for various ranch owners in this oil and mineral-rich Permian region. 

Since its founding in 2018, Valor has steadily grown to become one of the leading mineral management companies in Texas, providing targeted services such as oil and gas accounting, land management, and lease negotiation and counsel. They also serve as an operator services outsourcing partner, specializing in bookkeeping, oil and gas accounting, and other back-office operations. The cornerstone and foundation of Valor’s mineral management services is mineral.tech®, a proprietary mineral management platform designed to track and optimize oil and gas assets. Thanks to their proficiency in providing a wide variety of specialty asset management services, Valor now manages a combined 10.2 million gross acres and 560,000 net royalty acres of mineral and property rights on behalf of more than 100,000 interests across 32 U.S. states. Valor is headquartered in Fort Worth and maintains a satellite office in Midland, Texas.

“I’m really looking forward to joining the land department team at Valor and contributing to the company’s success,” stated Calhoun. “My experience in working with various West Texas ranch owners has given me a unique perspective of their mindset and how they operate, which is key to addressing the concerns that best serve their interests.”

About Valor:
Valor is a specialty asset management and professional services provider that serves mineral, and oil and gas owners. We place the client first, providing flexible solutions and leveraging our team of experts to maintain the security, clarity, and optimization of privately owned assets. Valor oversees 10.2 million gross acres and 560,000 net royalty acres of mineral and property rights in 32 states. The company manages more than 100,000 interests, which generates over $240 million in annual revenue for Valor’s clients. Explore the benefits of partnering with Valor to manage mineral rights and streamline business operations by visiting www.onevalor.com.

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